Entertainment Industry Defined [8 CCR 11750]

Any entertainment employer in the state of California is required by law to have a DLSE State Certified Studio Teacher on set at all times for all Minors under age 16, and each minor must possess a valid, current, California Entertainment Work Permit. This includes, but is not limited to, all productions, union and non-union, involving minors, paid or not, that use their likeness for entertainment purposes.

The entertainment industry (i.e., the employer) is defined in state regulations as any organization or individual using the services of any minor in motion pictures of any type (film, videotape, etc.), using any format (theatrical, film, commercial, documentary, television program, etc.), by any medium (theater, television, videocassette, etc.) [8 CCR 6:2 11751]

Photography  |  Voice Overs  |  Recording  |  Choreographed Rehearsals  |   Modeling  |  Competition-Type Game Shows  |  Theatrical Productions   |   Table Reads  |  Publicity  |  Reality   |   Rodeo, Circuses  |  Music Videos  |  Musical Performances   |   Webisodes and Other Internet Use  | Any Other Performance Where Minors Perform To Entertain The Public.

Title 8: Scope of Regulations and Definitions [8 CCR 11751]

A "minor" shall be defined as any person under the age of 18 years who is required to attend school under the applicable provisions of the California Education Code; except that, with respect to the number of hours a minor may be allowed to work, "minor" shall include those minors under six (6) years of age. [Labor Code, Section 1286 c, & 8 CCR 11750] Regulations cover CA minors who work in CA or are taken out of state [8 CCR 11756] AND out-of-state minors who work in California [8 CCR 11753] 

When minors who reside in the State of California and employed by an employer in the Entertainment Industry located in the State of California, are taken from the State of California to work on location in another state, as part of, and pursuant to, contractual arrangements made in the State of California for their employment in the Entertainment Industry, the child labor laws of California and the regulations based thereon shall be applicable, including, but not limited to, the requirement that a studio teacher must be provided for such minor [8 CCR 11756]

Responsibilities of Parents and Guardians

  • parent or guardian of minor under 16 years of age must be present with and accompany such minor on the set or location and must be within sight or sound at all times

Exception: No one shall be allowed in an area utilized by the Producer as a school facility except the teacher and those minors being taught (SAG Agreement: Sec. 50, D10)
  • parent or guardian is to make company aware of school requirements of minor (i.e., if minor is in year-round school, needs special subject matter, etc.)
  • must be present with, and accompany, a minor under sixteen (16) years of age on the set or location and be within sight or sound of said minor at all times [8 CCR 11757
  • if any minor under sixteen (16) years of age is not called to the set but is called for a period of up to one (1) hour into wardrobe, make-up, hairdressing, promotional publicity, personal appearances, or for audio recording, when such minor's school is not in session...minor must be accompanied by a parent or guardian [8 CCR 11762]
  • parents and guardians are not permitted to bring other minors not engaged by Producer to the place of employment without Producer's specific permission (SAG Agreement)